Your Market-Ready Manuscript

From Rough to Ready...


You've already accomplished what 99 percent of people never do - you quit wishing and talking, and actually wrote the darn thing. You're in a very exclusive club.

Novelist Thomas Mann said,

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

Now you need to structure, deepen, and polish your writing. 

This package includes:

Developmental Editing:

  1. A written Analysis and Recommendation report, covering strengths and weaknesses in big-picture structure, theme, and scope;
  2.  Questions and suggestions for revision;
  3. A written outline showing suggested changes to the structure.

Line and Copy Editing: 

This is where the music comes into the writing! I'll examine your work on a paragraph and sentence level, making sure your ideas are clear, logical, and persuasive. I'll ensure that your "voice" is vibrant and personal, matching your target audience and your unique expression. I'll also check for accuracy and consistency in citations, word choice, and grammar. This service includes:

  1. Suggested changes or queries made in Track Changes so you can accept, reject, or rework them;
  2. Help assembling a team of Beta Readers to get feedback from representatives of your industry or target audience, along with a targeted questionnaire to elicit the most useful input;
  3. A second round of revision based on the Beta Reader feedback.

Proof, Polish, and Launch:

  1. A final proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation;
  2. Formatting for print and e-book;
  3. A professionally copywritten self-publishing marketing package, including your author bio, the back-cover blurb and Amazon listing text, Amazon category selections (including how to get your book into "secret" categories that Amazon won't let you select on the upload page), and an autoresponder series for building your email list.

This package will take you from rough-draft to market-ready!

Special Introductory Offer!

Copywriting is a specialized skill. Your blurb and bio don't need to sell your book. They have to sell the reader a transformation, and sell you as a trusted change agent. Book a "B&B" consult, and you'll receive polished copy that will elevate your authority and make your book irresistable to your ideal readers.

The $320 "Blurb and Bio" fee can be applied to your Market-Ready Manuscript package.

Make it happen!

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